A book about teenagers' mental health, written by a teenager.

What do you do when angst crosses over into something more serious?

About Me

Hey, decided to rewrite my “about me” section because it’s been 2 years and the old one made me want to barf. 

My name is Ruby Walker and I am a 20-year-old writer and artist currently residing in central Texas. When I was fifteen I dropped out of high school because I was depressed. One difficult, memorable, amazing year later, I was laughing and singing in the kitchen again. Over the next two years, I undertook the project of writing and illustrating a book about my experiences with mental illness and recovery. 

(Pictured: my pink hair.)

What am I doing now? Staying the hell home, mostly. I’m a sophomore at Trinity University, planning to major in studio art and minor in creative writing. I have big plans for a gay magical fantasy webcomic I haven’t touched in months, I miss hugging my friends immensely, and I’ve just finished a zine about love and the tarot called Love Readings.

What else should you know about me?

  • She / they / he pronouns are all fine
  • I post art on instagram @rubykatewalker
  • I’m a single lesbian in possession of a good fortune, in want of a wife
  • I don’t believe in astrology.
  • That being said, aquarius sun, leo moon, cancer rising, aaaand my venus sign is aries (wink!)
  • Publishing a book about my worst moments of despair and trauma during my first year at university was a bold move and I’m pretty proud of myself for that, honestly. But the book also represents all my best, most healing impulses, so I ended up feeling some strange pressure to prove to everyone how mentally healthy I was. You know, 18-year-old horseshit. 
  • I’m currently obsessed with the You’re Wrong About podcast. 
  • I live with my mom, stepdad, and my brother, who is my best friend and a menace.
  • We have four dogs. I am allergic to dogs. I love them anyway.
  • I once made out with a girl on the steps of a Baptist church. 
  • I got diagnosed with ADHD this year, so if you find yourself really vibing with my book, you might wanna like… get that checked out. Actually, I’ll extend that: if you relate to my book, see a doctor! I don’t see the fact that I never went to therapy until literally last year as some kind of point of pride, I see it as a sad mistake. Professionals know what they’re doing. I wish I hadn’t tried to work everything out myself. It’s okay to need help. 
  • Whew, now that the sad shit’s over with… I dyed my hair pink because I love Kirby. 

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